A Plant that Works in Tandem with Our Headoffice and Main Factory
  @Our brand-new Shiga Factory, about 100 kilometers away from the Main Factory, lies in a beautiful green region of Shiga prefecture. This modern factory boasts of many state-of-the-art machine tools.

We made every effort to construct this modern factory; we put our new facilities in an ideal location and put the advanced equipments that we need to build the mold into it. The Shiga Factory takes the lead in the production of large scale molds, utilizing between 850 to 1,600 tons injection molding machines and modern equipments such as the high speed machining centers and Die-sinker EDM.

Our factories, one in Hirakata and the other in Shiga, are located separately and have their own responsibilities working efficiently together to produce excellent products; from small scale molds requiring high precision to middle-large scale ones.

Our 200 employees work as a team to identify customer's needs, to design the products that they require, and to release the products whenever customers need them.


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