@Professional team evolving expertise.
@An enviable amount of success records has been shown in supplying small and large-sized molds for plastic products used in a wide range of fields, such as home appliances, electronics, automotive, medical equipment, and communication devices.

We intend to surpass what we have done. Our interest is to understand the customers' needs quickly and release the products they require just on time. The mission of our sale force is to identify what customers' needs are and promptly to feed back the message to our production manager.

The company is well organized to create the team in each project so that the products customer requires are timely released. The modern production facilities, in Main Factory and in state-of-the-art Shiga Factory, are closely linked to work efficiently as a team that allows the company to transfer jobs quickly from design to production with flexibility and available know-how.

We will always come back to the basic of production and satisfy customer's needs perfectly as a professional team.

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